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Sports pitch floodlighting

Sports Pitch Floodlighting

We offer floodlighting solutions along with our usual guidance and support. If you have an existing installation and aren't yet using LEDs then now is likely the right time to review that and see if you can make savings on your running costs.

With our comprehensive service we look at up to 15 different reference points on each tender we receive and we can advise on the best system and value for money for your particular facility.

Comparison of Floodlighting systems

Floodlighting systems

Comparing metal halide lamps with a yellow tint (left) to the bright white of the LED lamps (right).

Recent Projects

Wehave recently completed work on two sites at St Paul's Catholic College in Burgess Hill and Maidenhead Hockey Club. Details are available in our News section.

In the meantime you might like to try out our new Sports Floodlighting Calculator below...

Have you considered the benefits of LED floodlighting?

  • 40% lower electricity usage
  • Less maintenance
  • Less skyglow
  • They can be Switched ON and OFF immediately (There is No lamp cooling required)
  • Lamp warranty up to 10,000 hours